BathAid manufactures ADA compliant (ADA Series) and non-ADA Compliant (Freedom Series) showers and tub showers. They are designed for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, commercial and residential applications. Larger showers will accommodate a wheelchair or shower chair.

BathAid Showers are molded from a single sheet of Lucite® cast acrylic without any joints or seams. The advantages offered by one-piece construction are greater durability, diminished per-installation damage, lower maintenance and best of all, no place for mold to grow.

BathAid’s manufacturing technology allows the flexibility to change the location of the drain, seat or soap dish and to customize the width and depth of the unit to fit a specified area. Our state-of-the-art shower provides a removable, fold up seat for comfortable bathing, side controls for ease of operation, a fitted curtain for water retention, a one-piece system that makes installation easy and a look that will enhance any bathroom.

Features Include…

  • Constructed from Lucite® cast acrylic
  • One piece construction
  • Color all the Way Through
  • ADA and non-ADA compliant series
  • Several sizes available
  • Factory installed options