Secure Spa Walk-In Tubs offer a therapeutic bathing experience.

Secure Spa Walk-In Tubs


Hydrotherapy, the utilization of water for therapeutic purposes, has been used since ancient times. BathAid realizes the benefits and offers ten built-in adjustable massaging jets to allow the Hydrotherapy to be directed to targeted areas. Hydrotherapy may not only relieve stress and anxiety, it may promote overall health by hydrating cells which could improve muscle and skin tone, as well as possibly stimulating blood circulation that may improve function of internal organs.

The warmth and buoyancy of the water may work to enhance the benefits by increasing body temperature and reduce the pressure from the weight of the body. Increased body temperature could cause blood vessels to dilate and increases circulation which simulates exercise. The buoyancy may give the effect of weightlessness, enhancing the release of stress and assisting with total body relaxation.

Air Jet Massage Therapy

BathAid incorporates Air Jet Massage Therapy into our Walk-In Tubs. The Air Jet Massage System utilizes 16 air jets resulting in 80 air streams which caress the body with thousands of champagne like air bubbles. Daily stressors may be carried away as the bubbles roll off the skin.

When Hydrotherapy and Air Jet Massage Therapy are used together, many symptoms of common conditions such as arthritis pain, headaches, insomnia, low back pain and colds may be alleviated.

Personal Hygiene Therapy

As our bodies age, we often find ourselves unable to clean some of those hard to reach areas. A personalized therapeutic jet strategically located on the forward part of the seat combined with our ozone water purification system helps personal maintain hygiene and avoid potential infections.


Chromotherapy, otherwise known as a rainbow of health, is based on the premise of using various colors and lighting to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness. BathAid offers Chromotherapy in our Walk-In Tubs, enabling each bathing experience to be soothing and beneficial on every level. Whether the lights are set to blue, which could bring inner peace, or to green, which may promote overall health and vitality, you will enjoy the benefits of Chromotherapy.


The sense of smell has been a key part of physical and emotional healing for thousands of years. BathAid harnesses the benefits of Aromatherapy and incorporates it into our Walk-In Tubs. Essential oil beads in the Aromatherapy compartment could transport your bathing experience to the next level. Close your eyes and inhale calming lavender, breathing in rosemary may relieve your headache, or place eucalyptus in the Aromatherapy compartment and the vapors may help clear out congestion.